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Peptides in Bulgaria, Europe and worldwide

Store 114eu is an official dealer center of the Peptides company with seat in Bulgaria and capacity for commercial distribution globally.

We offer the full scale of products certified as required by the EU on the territory of Europe, as well as the full scale of products of the Peptides Company outside Europe – AT MANUFACTURER’S PRICES – Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The large scale of peptide and non-peptide products enables a fully effective Personal program for prophylactic of various gene predispositions and/or treatment of a health problem for each gender and age, prepared by Qualified consultants and medical team.
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We have a flexible system of discounts and cumulative program – Cash Back!
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The Peptides company has been recognized for its quality and innovative products on the Russian market and is fast developing outside the boundaries of Russia. Therefore we effectively support every intent for promotion and distribution of the products with the purpose of developing new markets.
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