Use of natural peptides bioregulators in a complex

Recommended schemes for the use of natural peptides bioregulators in a complex
1Digestive systemVladonix Svetinorm Suprefort Stamakort
2Cardiovascular systemVentfort Chelohart Vladonix Svetinorm
3Central nervous systemCerluten Ventfort Svetinorm Vladonix Endoluten
4Immune systemEndoluten Vladonix Ventfort Bonomarlot Svetinorm
5Locomotor apparatusSigumir Ventfort Vladonix Bonothyrk Gotratix
6Carbohydrate metabolismSuprefort Ventfort
7Lipoprotein metabolismSvetinorm Suprefort Ventfort
8Thyroid glandThyreogen Ventfort
9Radio- and chemotherapy, ionizing radiation, other adverse factorsVladonix Svetinorm Endoluten Bonomarlot Ventfort Cerluten Glandokort
10EyesVisoluten Cerluten Ventfort Endoluten
11Urinary excretory systemVladonix Chitomur Pielotax
12Male reproductive systemTestoluten Libidon Glandokort Vladonix Endoluten
13Professional or psycho emotional stress, other adverse factorsVladonix Endoluten Glandokort
14Female reproductive systemZhenoluten Thyreogen Ventfort Vladonix Endoluten
15Respiratory systemVladonix Taxorest Ventfort
16Physical activity, proffesional sportVladonix Sigumir Ventfort Gotratix Cerluten
17Neuroendocrine systemThyreogen Cerluten Ventfort Bonothyrk Glandokort Endoluten

The research team of the St. Petersburg Institute of bioregulation and gerontology at the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences conducts large-scale, numerous studies on the efficacy of peptide bioregulators. Today, thanks to years of experience in working with peptides and other classes of Geroprotektoren, has the scientific team of the Institute are very knowledgeable in this area. On this basis it was possible to develop combinations for the use of peptide bioregulators that can be recommended in different situations. Investigations of the activity of peptide bioregulators showed that it is useful to them in a complex, i.e. several preparations to use at the same time together. For example, if you want to affect the functions of the central nervous system, then it makes sense to combine the preparation on the basis of cortex peptides with peptides vessel preparation. This contributes to the improvement of blood circulation in the brain cells and the recovery of the function is in general more effective. And if you to, for example, yet adds the preparation on the basis of liver peptides, which improves lipid metabolism, then the formation of plaque in the blood vessels is inhibited and the blood supply to the brain cells to be further improved. In this case, the restoration of the function will be made more extensive.

Researchers of the Institute have combinations that can be recommended for the use of peptide bioregulators in certain situations developed. Such complexes usually consist of two, three, sometimes four preparations, which can be used to support the restoration of the functions of a system, the most effective. It is important to note that peptide bioregulators garmonieren very well with each other. They can also be very good with any therapeutic drugs that are prescribed to treat a disease by the doctor, combine. They also harmonize perfectly with any other nutritional supplements, food, drink, etc. There are very convenient, in terms of their use, preparations.

One must also mention another very important aspect that peptide bioregulators have no contraindications. Over the last 40 years in which a very large number was performed by clinical studies, the scientists could no contraindications to the use of these preparations, identify with respect. Notes that are written on the packaging, such as individual intolerance of components are mandatory legal requirements that must be met. They are written on all the medicines, dietary supplements or cosmetics. This also includes the mention of pregnancy and lactation, because this is a special time in a woman’s life and in the one should perhaps take no preparations to be. But overall, there is in connection with these preparations no incompatibilities.

Peptide bioregulators are more than 30 years in the market and be used safely by consumers. In addition, during this period and the approval time these preparations took more than 15 million people. During all this time the scientists never have a negative effect, negative effect, side effects, complications, drug dependency etc. have observed. However, there were very few individual cases with allergic reactions. At the same time, one should also remember that the sensitization of the population has increased significantly, and thus it is quite possible that individual sensitivities to individual component of any agent may occur.